21st Century Yokel

Is it possible that a book can hypnotise? Or Maybe even use the power of the written word in a similar way to the drug rohypnol to gain total power of the mind and body.


A walk from our doorstep. We’re so lucky to live where we do in Norfolk, in the middle of the countryside considering half the old village of listed buildings where I was brought up in Yorkshire is going to be bulldozed for the HS2 line. It’s so sad. I can’t quite believe it, I really…

All Retro!

I love my teasets. I love vintage china. I love most things to do with taking tea; cakes and scones, friendship, village halls, fete’s, conversation etc – all with the echo of days gone by. I have numerous collections of china, some pefect sets, some chipped or incomplete. Each one loved and treasured and most…

I am the egg (wo)man – soon!

“Gert and Daisy really do rule the roost. They’ll do nothing that’s asked of them, they terrorise next door’s cats, and woe betide if any jay or wood pigeon dare to land on ‘their’ garden – it’s off with their heads!”

Welcome to Everyone Loves Tess (Tails from a Norfolk Cottage).

This is a personal blog of a Yorkshire lass in Norfolk. The furred & feathered & the worn and weathered. Cats, Vintage, Dogs, Interiors, Nature, Hens, Veggie Food, Books & Friendship & Kinship with The Earth. Everyone really did love Tess. Till we meet again……